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Charles de Lapomarède is an expert joiner with extensive training and experience. He completed his apprenticeship in France through the Compangons du Devoir, an association of skilled tradesmen with origins dating back to the middle ages. The compagnons are renowned in France for their cultivation of strong ethical values, with a focus on producing high quality work. Today the compagnons continue a long held tradition of travelling throughout their apprenticeship, which allows the young 'aspirants' to gather valuable practical experiences, and to develop a real depth of understanding into the culture of their trade.


Charles launched his NZ company Artisan Carpentry in 2010 out of a passion for beautifully made woodwork. He believes a good critical mind and an eye for detail are important skills to have when creating high quality furniture and joinery. “I enjoy being involved in the whole process, from consultation through to installation. It gives me great pleasure to construct pieces of woodwork which are sustainable, not just with the materials that are used, but by carefully crafting something which is made to last. And when I see people own a piece of woodwork which they love, for me this is the greatest pleasure of all”.

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